Our goal is for each child to have a positive experience at Crabapple Creek.

We share our love of learning about the world with our students and bolster their self‑confidence by making them feel at home as part of our Crabapple Family.

We patiently teach them to obey and respect their teachers and to treat friends in their class with care.

We work on skills that the children will need for Kindergarten, such as walking in line, sitting quietly during group time, raising their hand, and following the teacher’s instructions.

We help them to develop independence by learning to put on and fasten their coats, taking out and putting away work, serving their own snacks, and using the bathroom and washing their hands without assistance.  The children love becoming independent, and they develop an inner discipline that is truly beautiful to see.

We strive to create a spirit of Christian community in our classrooms, helping the children to care about each other and to show that caring in their daily interactions.  We pray daily and follow our Crabapple Creed:

Be to others kind and true, as you would have them be to you.

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